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$150 discount for herd doing DHIR/LA/Show at ADGA and/or AGS shows (all 3)

$100 discount for herd doing any of 2 of the above.

$50 discount for herd doing any 1 of the above.


Doe Kid - Born April 7, 2017 - Hobbycroft A Oreo - $500

This kid's dam freshened last year for the first time and she had a very successful FF laction.  She also received her 1st unrestricted leg in August and only needs 1 more leg to finish her championship.   It is extremely hard to get pictures of Oreo as she is consistently on the move but these will give you an idea of her color.

Sire is Flat Rock's Aragorn and dam is Hobbycroft Gingersnap 2*M *D


Milker - Born June 6, 2011 - Hobbycroft Jazzy Graphics *M - $500

After much consideration, we have decided to offer Jazzy for sale.  This has been a very hard decision to make but we have to cut somewhere in order to keep some of the new babies, so we have decided to start with Jazzy.  Jazzy has a very sweet personality and has nice manners on the milk stand.  She is not a top of the line milk producer but does have some high butterfat.  Also her teats could be a bit longer.  She has appraised every time with a final score of 90 and has 1 leg (in an AOP lineup) towards her championship.  Her daughter (in the second picture with Jazzy and the third picture) Hobbycroft Snazzy Jazzy *M *D has 2 legs towards her Championship and has an udder that is really nice to milk.


Bred Doe - Born March 17, 2014 - Hobbycroft Riverdance - $400 (confirmed bred to Flat Rock's Gimli - due Aug 19)

River is a doe that we got back from a 4-Her who had leased her.