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$100 discount for herd doing DHIR and Linear Appraisal (both)

$50 discount for herd doing DHIR or Linear Appraisal


Doe Kid born July 10, 2017 - Hobbycroft FB String Of Pearls - $400

This little doe is line bred on Lost Valley LG American Patrol.  (She is the brown kid on the left - the kid on the right is a buck kid that will be available as a wether for $50)


Doe Kid - Born August 18, 2017 - Hobbycroft G ?? - $350

One of these two doe kids will be for sale.  Sire is Flat Rock's Gimli and dam is Hobbycroft E River Song



Mature doe - Born June 6, 2011 - Hobbycroft Jazzy Graphics *M - $500

After much consideration, we have decided to offer Jazzy for sale.  This has been a very hard decision to make but we have to cut somewhere in order to keep some of the new babies, so we have decided to start with Jazzy.  Jazzy has a very sweet personality and has nice manners on the milk stand.  She is not a top of the line milk producer but does have some high butterfat.  Also her teats could be a bit longer.  She has appraised every time with a final score of 90 and has 1 leg (in an AOP lineup) towards her championship.  Her daughter (in the second picture with Jazzy and the third picture) GCH Hobbycroft Snazzy Jazzy *M *D received her last leg towards her permanent Championship (pending all paperwork is correct)  and has an udder that is really nice to milk.