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$100 discount for herd doing DHIR and Linear Appraisal (both)

$50 discount for herd doing DHIR or Linear Appraisal



Sold pending pickup

3 year old milker - WildWind Farm VLA Featherlite *M *D - $500 - This girl has one of the sweetest personalities.  She also has beautiful rear udder attachment.  She could use a bit more medial and her teats are a bit short though they have nice open orifices and are NOT hard to milk out.   She goes back to CUATLILREDFARM and Old Mountain bloodlines fairly close up.  She will be in with WitchWind FB Prasutagus in the next few weeks and her price will go up then.




Sold pending deposit and pickup

3 year old milker - Flat Rock's Knockout Rose *M *D - $400 - Rosi is a sweet quiet girl - while she doesn't have a lot of milk, what she does have is VERY high in butterfat which helped her to earn her star.    She is line bred on Irish Whisper Harry Potter.  She is in with WitchWind FB Prasutagus.



Mature buck - Hobbycroft AP Face of Boe - $400 - Boe has a nice personality and we have kept many of his daughters.  Since we are extremely buck rich, we are offering Boe for sale.  LOTS of milk and nice udders behind this boy.