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Hobbycroft AP Serendipity (aka Sara) (available to good home!)

Sara was born May 12, 2015 and black with a bit of white and blue eyes.  Sara was very weak when she was born and had to be tube fed for the first 10 days.  Because she was so small as a kid, she went everywhere with us and became quite the pet.  She loves, loves people and would rather be with people than with goats.  In November of 2015, we suspect that one of the older does injured Sara's front leg.  She limps and while she can walk on it some, she has lost some of the use of the leg.  We are hoping to find a good home for her where there are no other goats to bash her around. 


Sire: Lost Valley LG American Patrol

  • SS: CH Lost Valley Dax Legend
  • SD: Lost Valley ML Hallelujah

Dam: Hobbycroft Rye Berries