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Hobbycroft AP Face of Boe (aka Bo) (dna on file)


Bo was born April 18 2016 and is gold and white in color.  Bo is very square and solid and he has a very sweet personality.


Sire:  Lost Valley LG American Patrol *B *S

  • SS: CH / MCH Lost Valley DAX Legend *B +*S
  • SD: Lost Valley ML Hallelujah 2*M 4*D

Dam: GCH/MCH Fairlea Bonnie 3*M 3*D

  • DS: Fairlea Cyrano De Bergerac *B
  • DD: AGS Fairlea Tosca 2*M 2*D

Official heights

LA 2018 - 23 1/2 "


Linear apprasial

2018  84 +V+


    WitchWind FB Prasutagus

    WitchWind FB Laffy Taffy

    Hobbycroft FB Miss America (sold)

    Hobbycroft FB Liberty Belle

    Hobbycroft FB In The Mood (deceased)

    Hobbycroft FB String of Pearls (sold)

    WitchWind FB Peach Smoothie (Sold)

    WitchWind FB Apricot Candy (Sold)

    Hobbycroft FB Risen Star

    Hobbycroft FB Snow Bird

    Hobbycroft FB Milk Dust (sold)

    Hobbycroft FB Marigold (sold)

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