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Flat Rock Gimli (dna on file) (SOLD)

Gimli was born May 4, 2015 and is a roan buckskin.  Gimli is extremely correct and should throw some nice udders.  We are looking forward to seeing his daughters.  While not the friendliest guy on the block, he is not shy about getting his treats.  He is very well mannered and leads well. 


Sire: Flat Rock's Expecto Patronum

  • SS: Irish Whisper Harry Potter +B
  • SD: Flat Rock's Mythril Silver

Dam: Flat Rock's Carmen San Diego

  • DS: Flat Rock's Fox Fire +B
  • DD: Flat Rock's Double Jeopardy

UNOfficial height 24.5"



Linear appraisal



    Hobbycroft G Silver Fox (buck - sold)

    Hobbycroft G Triple Crown (buck - sold)

    Hobbycroft G Song Sung Blue (sold)

    Hobbycroft G Song Bird (sold - deceased)

    Hobbycroft G Milkyway (sold)

    Hobbycroft G Juliet's Kiss (sold)

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