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HobbyCroft Got Milk (aka Milky)

Sold - Thank you Josh St Peters - Update 2018 - Milky is now owned by our good friends the Tiltons - Thank you Tori and Hope for giving her a great home.

Milky was born December 26 2013 and is smoothly blended golden colored doe with various white markings.  She has white markings on her upper lip which is where she got her name from because it looks like she has a milk mustache.  Milky has a very nice udder, though her teats could be a bit more plumb.  She has matured quite a bit recently and we are looking forward to seeing her 2nd freshening udder.  She has a very quiet and sweet nature and loves her treats.

Unofficial height 3/23/2016 - 20 1/2 "

Linear appraisal

2015 ++V+ 83


Sire: SG Lost Valley C Egypt +*B +*S

  • SS: Lost Valley TB Cairo +*B +*S

  • SD: Hill Country’s MR An' More *D AR2106

Dam: Fairlea Hilda

  • DS: Caesar’s Villa Rebel Yell *S

  • DD: Fairlea Hildegard