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SG Lost Valley C Egypt +*B +*S (dna on file) SOLD

2016 Sue Rucker JUJU Sire Award

2017 Sue Rucker JUJU Sire Award

2018 Sue Rucker JUJU Sire Award

Egypt was born March 24, 2011 and is dark chocolate. His dam and grand dam are beautiful does.  Egypt is quite a bit on the wild side.  Dam raised, he was not very easy to catch, however he did have a weakness for animal crackers and would allow you to catch him as long as you had his favorite treat and you were patience with him.  We have several Egypt daughters and are VERY pleased with what we see!   His daughters have udders that are much improved on their dams and are overall very correct on their feet and legs.  As of 2017 he has 5 daughters meeting their AR requirements for their star with hopefully 1 more in 2018.  Much thanks to Amy & Audrey at Lost Valley Nigerians for selling us this beautiful guy.   In 2017 he did not settle any does, and we double dosed him with copper, selenium, and anything else we thought would help but he never did settle anyone so he was sold without papers.


Sire: Lost Valley TB Cairo +*B +*S

  • SS: ARMCH Lost Valley Tae-Bo ++B +*S

  • SD: Goodwood Sisley*M *D

Dam: Hill Country’s MR An' More *D AR2106

  • DS: CH / ARMCH Lost Valley KW Mercury Rising +*S

  • DD: Hill Country's KW SheezAllThat *D

Official heights

 LA June 2015 - 23 1/2 "

Head shot photo of courtesy of David Hobby (Dober Man)

Linear Appraisal

2015 - VEV 87


2016 ANDDA Sue Rucker JuJu Sire Award with Bronze production award for 3 daughters Ginger, KitKat, and Honey

2017 ANDDA Sue Rucker JuJu Sire Award with Bronze, Silver, & Gold awards for 5 daughters Coco (bronze), Ginger (silver), Honey (silver), Snazzy (silver) and KitKat (gold)


GCH Hobbycroft Snazzy Jazzy 2*M *D

Hobbycroft AG Cocoa Puff *M *D

SG Hobbycroft Morning Glory 2*M *D

SGCH Hobbycroft Gingersnap 2*M *D

SG Hobbycroft E KitKat *M *D

SG Hobbycroft E. Honeypot 4*M 4*D

Hobbycroft E River Song (leased)

Hobbycroft Got Milk (sold)

Hobbycroft E Freckled Kiss (sold)

Hobbycroft E Sunkist (sold)

Hobbycroft Pippi Longstocking (deceased)

Hobbycroft Flirty Eyes (sold)

Hobbycroft Ode To Joi (sold)


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