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Jacksons Royal CG Sandcastles(aka Sandi)

Sandi was born Jan 14 2018 and is chamoisee in color.  She is beautifully built and is strongly linebred on Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch.   Pictures of Sandi in Feb and her parents are courtesy of Melissa Jackson with Jacksons Royal herd.  Thank you Melissa for allowing us to purchase this beautiful girl.


Sire:  Jacksons Royal BW Coast Guard *B

  • SS: Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch ++B

  • SD: Wood Bridge Farm Vegas *M

Dam:  Jacksons Royal BP Myrtle

  • DS: Jacksons Royal BW Beach Patrol *B

  • DD: Victorian Gardens Stardust 2*M

Official Heights

Linear apprasial


Show Wins


DHIR Records


Kidding History

03/05/2019 - buck/doe twins - bred to Busy Browsers HB Moonlight Bay - registered offspring The Hobbycroft B Sand Storm

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