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Flat Rock Aragorn (dna on file)

Aragorn was born June 16, 2015 and is black and white with frosted ears and nose.   Aragorn is line bred on Irish Whisper Harry Potter.  He is a somewhat friendly boy and not really afraid of anything except needles which he HATES.  Sometimes he can be a bit ornery but for the most part he is a sweet boy.


Sire: Flat Rock's Dobby

  • SS: Irish Whisper Harry Potter +B

  • SD: Flat Rock's Ever After

Dam: Flat Rock's Terror Alert

  • DS: Irish Whisper Harry Potter +B

  • DD: Flat Rock's Holy Terror

Official heights

 LA 2016 - 21"

unofficial height 12/16/2017 - 23.25"

Linear appraisal

2016 VVA FS 85


Hobbycroft A Twix 2*M

Hobbycroft A Gingerbread

Hobbycroft A Butterfly Kisses (sold)

Hobbycroft A Almond Joy (sold)

Hobbycroft A Astrid (sold)

Hobbycroft A Rose Petal (sold/deceased)

Hobbycroft A Oreo (sold)

Hobbycroft A Lunar Eclipse (sold)

Hobbycroft A Salt Spice (sold)

Hobbycroft A Papa's Girl

Hobbycroft A Gordan Hamlet (buck-sold)

Hobbycroft A Honey Mist (sold-deceased)

Hobbycroft A Sassy Pants

Hobbycroft A Nutter Butter (sold)

Hobbycroft A Blue Sky (sold)

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