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Hobbycroft A Twix 2*M

Twix was born April 29 2016 and is chocolate buckskin in color with blue eyes.  She is very solid in body.  Twix is very friendly and because of that is extremely hard to get pictures of without someone helping.  Every time you get near her, she is in your face wondering why you don't have some cookies for her!


Sire: Flat Rock's Aragorn

  • SS: Flat Rock's Dobby
  • SD: Flat Rock's Terror Alert

Dam: SG Hobbycroft E KitKat *M *D

Linear appraisal

7/12/2018  02-03  81  AVV+ 

Show Wins


    DHIR Records

    2018 - 152 DIM; 383 lbs milk; 21 lbs (5.5%) BF; 15 lbs (3.9%) protein (was dried up early - milking too many to handle)

    Kidding History

    3/2/2018 - 2 bucks - bred to Flat Rocks Gimli - sold as wethers

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