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SG Zanzabeez B Morning Coffee *M *D  (aka Devo)  SOLD - Thank you Kathy McFarlane

2017 ADGA Elite Doe List

2017 Sue Rucker JUJU Bronze Award

Devo was born March 18 2016 and is broken buckskin in color.  She is a granddaughter of the gorgeous SGCH Phoenix Rising Summer Bird  EEEE 91.  We are so happy and grateful to Tracy Darby and Zanzabeez for allowing us to own her.  Devo can be quite demanding about wanting your attention some times.  Even though she was dam-raised, she has a friendly personality ESPECIALLY if you have some cookies!  Her first freshening udder is fairly nice though we would like to see her teats a bit more plumb.  Her teats the have a very nice size to them and she is quite easy to milk.  She has a nice attachment and a very soft udder.  Though at first it was a rodeo milking her, she is now accustom to the procedure and does quite well on the milk stand.


Sire:  Phoenix Farm Bird On A Wire

  • SS: NC Promisedland SS Deviant *S *B

  • SD: SGCH Phoenix Rising Summer Bird 2015 EEEE 91

Dam:  Fairland FarmSM Java Jive

  • DS: CH/MCH/PGCH Kaapio Acre's SG Silver Moon

  • DD: Kaapio Acre's V Baby Pebbles

Official Heights

2017:  DHIR VT 9/7/2017 - 21.88"

All photos prior to June 2016 and sire/dam photos are courtesy of Zanzabeez

Linear appraisal

 7/12/2018: 2 yrs old FS 85 V+E+

Show Wins


DHIR Records

2017 - DIM 190; Milk 713; BF 46 (6.5%); Protein 30 (4.2%) - cut short because we needed a break - Bronze JUJU Award

2018 - DIM 123 (sold); Milk 616; BF 34 (5.5%); Protein 24 (3.9%) - Sold on 123rd day in milk

Kidding History

7/4/2017 - triplets; 2 does and 1 buck - bred to Hobbycroft AP Face of Boe  -  registered offspring  Hobbycroft FB Miss America and Hobbycroft FB Liberty Belle - buck sold not registered

3/12/2018 - 2 does and 3 bucks (1 doe and 2 bucks DOA) -  bred to CapraKoza OBI Spock - registered offspring Hobbycroft Iced Mocha - buck sold not registered

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