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Flat Rock's Knockout Rose (aka Rosi)

Rosi was born July 24, 2015 and is a broken buckskin.  She is a sweet doe and has a beautiful topline.  We are looking forward to seeing how she freshens out.  She is a quiet doe and definitely not at the top of the pecking order. 


Sire: Flat Rock's Oh Captain My Captain

Dam:  Flat Rock's Rose Tyler

Official Heights

2016: LA 6/16/2016 - 19.5"

2017:  DHIR VT 9/7/2017 - 21"

Linear appraisal

2016 young stock VVV overall V

show wins


DHIR Records


Kidding History

3/17/2017 - 2 doe kids - bred to Flat Rock's Aragorn - registered offspring Hobbycroft A Irish Petal; Hobbycroft A Rose Petal (sold)

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