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CUatLilRedBarn Sea Salt 2*M  2*D(aka Salt)

Salt was born April 2nd 2016 and is broken buckskin in color.  We are so grateful to Margot Cassel and CU at Lil Red Barn for allowing us the opportunity to own Salt.  Salt was shy being dam-raised, however she very friendly now and loves to give your shirt a good chewing when you are in the pen with her.  For being a small doe, she is feisty and stands up to does bigger and doesn't back down.  We love her udder!  It is one of the favorites to milk with nice size and placed teats and she milks out to nothing.  Milks out well either hand or machine milked.  She also has very nice attachment all around.  Her fore udder could be a bit better but we love it as a whole and are very excited to see what the future holds for this first freshener.


Sire: Old Mountain Farm Merric Quinn *B

  • SS: Old Mountain Farm Maenar Quinn
  • SD: NC Promisland MG Mitzi

Dam: Old Mountain Farm Sea Breeze *M *D

  • DS: Dawnland Tabby's Maritimer 'E'
  • DD: Old Mountain Farm All That Jaz

Official Heights

2017:  DHIR VT 9/7/2017 - 20.5"

Newborn photo courtesy of CU at Lil Red Barn

Linear apprasial


Show Wins

June 2017 - 1st place (ring 1) at the Illini Interstate Showdown, Bloomington, IL, Yvonne Blosser Judge

Sept 2017 - 1st place (ring 1) at Hoosier Rutfest and Kidding Around , Washington, IN, Juli Huffman Judge

Sept 2017 - 1st place (ring 2) at Hoosier Rutfest and Kidding Around , Washington, IN, Carolyn Kirwan Judge

DHIR records

2017 - DIM ... pending completed lacation - still milking

Kidding History

April 25 2017 - 3 bucks - bred to Flat Rocks Aragorn - 2 wethered (sold); registered offspring Hobbycroft A Salt Shaker (sold)


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