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SG Hobbycroft E. Honeypot 4*M 2*D (aka Honey)

2016 Sue Rucker JUJU Bronze Award

Honey was born February 27, 2015 and is a golden color with a bit of white.  She is correct in head and rear legs.  Honey is a sweetie but tends to be a bit on the vocal side when she wants something.  She has learned to stand up for herself with the other yearlings and while not on the top of the pecking order, she isn't on the bottom by any means either.   Expecting her to do very well in the show ring once she has some maturity on her.


Sire: Lost Valley C Egypt +B *S +S AR

  • SS: Lost Valley TB Cairo *S
  • SD: Hill Country’s MR An' More *D AR2106

Dam: GCH/ARMCH Fairlea Bonnie 3*M *D

  • DS:Fairlea Cyrano De Bergerac
  • DD: AGS Fairlea Tosca 2*D-AGS, *D-ADGA, 2 legs toward championship

Official Heights

2016:  LA 6/16/2016 - 20.75"; AGS DHIR 9/15/2016 - 19"; ADGA VT 11/17/2016 - 20.5"

2017:  DHIR VT 9/7/2017 - 21.88"

Photos done in June are courtesy of David Hobby (Dober Man).

Linear appraisal

2015 young stock V+V overall V

2016 VEVV 87

show wins

June 2017 - Reserve Champion Sr Doe ring 4, Illini Interstate Showdown, Bloomington, IL- Lee Bergfield, judge

Aug 2017 - Reserve Champion Sr Doe ring 2, LOL NDC Midwest Shootout, Jerseyville, IL - Joe Kimmel, judge

    DHIR Records

    2016 - 305 DIM; 664 # milk; 49 # (7.4%) BF; 33 # (5.0%) protein- complete: 342 DIM; 743 # milk; 55 # (7.4%) BF; 37 (5.0%) protein - ANDDA Sue Rucker JuJu Bronze production award

    2017 -

    Kidding History

    4/13/2016 - 2 bucks - bred to Flat Rock's Aragorn - both wethered and sold as pets

    6/04/2017 - 2 does (1 DOA) - bred to Lost Valley LG American Patrol - registered offspring Hobbycroft AP Clover Honey 


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