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Hobbycroft E River Song (Song is being leased to our good friend Penny Standerfer)

Song was born April 4, 2016 and is a broken buckskin.  Song was dam raised and is a bit on the wild side though she loves her snacks and is warming up to us slowly.   Her dam was leased to a 4-Her who lost interest in the goats and so we got them back.   As we get to know Song more and more, we appreciate her spirit.  Though she is one of our smallest does, she doe NOT take any bullying from the other does!  She definitely stands up for herself even though she has a very quiet and gentle nature.


Sire:  SG Lost Valley C Egypt +*B +*S

  • SS: Lost Valley TB Cairo +*B +*S

  • SD: Hill Country's MR An'More *M *D

Dam:  Hobbycroft Riverdance

Official Heights

2017:  DHIR VT 9/7/2017 - 21.38"

Linear appraisal


Show Wins


DHIR Records

2017 - DIM 145; Milk 241; BF 17 (7.1%); Protein 11 (4.6%) - dried early on record due to nursing herself

Kidding History

Aug 18 2017 - 2 does - bred to Flat Rock's Gimli - registered offspring Hobbycroft G Song Bird (sold) and Hobbycroft G Song Sung Blue (sold)

Apr 15 2018 - 2 does/2 bucks - bred to WitchWind FB Prasutagus - registered offspring Hobbycroft T Sweet Pea (retained) and Hobbycroft T Jack Rabbit (sold) / bucks not registered

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