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Hobbycroft AP Snickerdoodle 3*M  2*D AR2017 (aka Snicker)

Snicker was born April 3 2016 and is chamoisee in color with blue eyes.  She is very much like her dam personality-wise, because she loves people and it is hard to tell when she is in season, because her tail is always going when she sees you.  She has a very laid back personality and not a whole lot bothers her.   Very nice udder that milks down very easily however she is not the most graceful or athletic goat LOL. Because she is so sensitive to the CDT vaccine, she always gets a lump from it which is one of the reasons why we have not shown her much as a milker. We have had the lumps tested for CL and it has always come back negative for CL so we are sure it is just because of the vaccine. She is also an extremely easy keeper and tends to carry too much weight.


Sire: Lost Valley LG American Patrol *B *S

  • SS: MCH / CH Lost Valley DAX Legend +B +*S

  • SD: Lost Valley ML Hallelujah 4*D 2*M

Dam:  SGCH Hobbycroft Gingersnap 2*M *D

Official Heights

201 7:  DHIR VT 9/7/2017 - 22"

Linear appraisal

7/12/2018 02-03  86 ++EV 

Show Wins

 May 28th, 2016 - 2nd place - Banks of the Wabash Classic, Cayuga, IN - Kirt Schnipke, Judge

DHIR Records

2017 - DIM 261; Milk 528; BF 31 (5.9%); Protein 23 (4.4%)

2018 - DIM 248; Milk 763; BF 42 (5.5%); Protein 31 (4.1%)

Kidding History

April 24 2017 - 2 bucks (1 DOA) - bred to Flat Rock's Gimli - remaining buck wethered (sold)

April 18 2018 - 2 does/2 bucks - bred to Flat Rock's Aragorn - registered offspring Hobbycroft A Blue Sky (sold) and Hobbycroft A Nutter Butter (sold) / bucks not registered

03/06/2019 - 2 does/1 buck - bred to Flat Rock’s Soul On Fire - registered offspring Hobbycroft SF Echoes of Mercy and Hobbycroft SF Butterscotch

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