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Hobbycroft AP Snickerdoodle (aka Snicker)

Snicker was born April 3 2016 and is chamoisee in color with blue eyes.  She is very much like her dam personality-wise, because she loves people and it is hard to tell when she is in season, because her tail is always going when she sees you. 


Sire: Lost Valley LG American Patrol *S

  • SS: MCH / CH Lost Valley DAX Legend *S
  • SD: Lost Valley ML Hallelujah 4*D 2*M (2 legs towards her permanent champion status)

Dam:  Hobbycroft Gingersnap 2*M *D

Linear apprasial


Show Wins


    DHIR Records


    Kidding History

    April 24 2017 - 2 bucks (1 DOA) - bred to Flat Rock's Gimli - remaining buck wethered (sold)

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