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SG Hobbycroft E KitKat *M *D

2016 Sue Rucker JUJU Bronze Award

2017 ADGA Elite Doe List

KitKat was born January 11, 2015 and is chocolate buckskin in color with beautiful blue eyes.  She is a very dairy doe with nice udder capacity.  This little girl can MILK!  First DHIA test was 4.8 pounds with 4.9% butterfat as a first freshener only fresh 20 days!  She started her SF with her 2nd and 3rd tests over 6 lbs (6.5 and 6.2)! One thing we would probably like to improve on her is to see her teats a bit more plumb and just a bit longer, although she milks out easily.  She has a very sweet temperament and loves to be scratched and petted and LOVES acorn nuts and animal crackers.


Sire: Lost Valley C Egypt +B *S +S

  • SS: Lost Valley TB Cairo *S
  • SD: Hill Country’s MR An' More *D AR2106

Dam: Hobbycroft Licorice Twist

Official heights

2016:  LA 6/16/2016 - 20.25"; AGS DHIR 9/15/2016 - 18.625"; ADGA VT 11/17/2016 - 19.125"

2017: DHIR both ADGA/AGS on 9/7/2017 was 20.88"

Photos from June 2015 courtesy of David Hobby (Dober Man)

Linear appraisal

2015 young stock +++ overall +

2016 VE++ 84

Show Wins

July 2015 - Reserve Grand Champion Jr doe, IDGA Open Show, ring 2, Matt Casselman, Judge

May 2016 - 1st place milking yearling in both rings (8 in both classes) at the Wabash Valley Classic under judges Yvonne Blosser & Kirk Schnipke

July 2016 - Grand Champion Sr doe, Farmer City Fair show, Juli Huffman, Judge

July 2016 - 1st place milking yearling in rings 2 (5 in class) and ring 3 (4 in class), IDGA Club show in Farmer City, IL, Judges Jay Bennett & Juli Huffman

Aug 2016 - 1st place milking yearling in both rings (3 in both classes) at the LOL NDGC in Jerseyville, IL, Judges Joe Kimmel & Cameron Jodlowski

May 2017 - 1st place milking 2 yr old in ring 2 (19 in class) at the Wabash Valley Classic in Cayuga, IN, Judge Todd Biddle

June 2017 - Reserve Grand Champion Sr doe ring 1, Illini Interstate Showdown, Bloomington, IL - Judge Yvonne Blosser

Sept 2017 - Grand Champion AND BEST IN SHOW (Ring 1), Hoosier Rutfest and Kidding Around Show, Washington, IN - Judge Juli Huffman

    DHIR Records

    2016 - DIM 261; Milk 853; BF 49 (5.7%); Protein 35 (4.1%) - ANDDA Sue Rucker JuJu Bronze production award

    Kidding History

    4/29/2016 - 2 does - bred to Flat Rock's Aragorn - registered offspring Hobbycroft A Twix and Hobbycroft A Almond Joy (sold)

    3/13/2017- 3 does and 1 buck - bred to Hobbycroft AP Face of Boe - Registered offspring WitchWind FB Laffy Taffy; WitchWind FB Apricot Candy (sold); WitchWind FB Peach Smoothie (sold); WitchWind FB Prasutagus


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