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SG Hobbycroft E KitKat *M *D

2016 Sue Rucker JUJU Bronze Award

2017 ADGA Elite Doe List

KitKat was born January 11, 2015 and is chocolate buckskin in color with beautiful blue eyes.  She is a very dairy doe with nice udder capacity.  On the linear appraisal she scored excellent on feet and legs.  This little girl can MILK!  First DHIA test was 4.8 pounds with 4.9% butterfat as a first freshener only fresh 20 days!  She has finished her FF at 261 days in milk and has received her *M *D with 853 lbs of milk; 49 lbs (5.7%) butterfat; 35 lbs (4.1%) protein.  She has started her SF with her 2nd & 3rd tests over 6 lbs (6.5 and 6.2)! One thing we would probably like to improve on her is to see her teats a bit more plumb and just a bit longer, although she milks out easily.  She has a very sweet temperament and loves to be scratched and petted and LOVES acorn nuts and animal crackers.


Sire: Lost Valley C Egypt +B *S +S

  • SS: Lost Valley TB Cairo *S
  • SD: Hill Country’s MR An' More *D AR2106

Dam: Hobbycroft Licorice Twist

Official heights

2016:  LA 6/16/2016 - 20.25"; AGS DHIR 9/15/2016 - 18.625"; ADGA VT 11/17/2016 - 19.125"

Photos from June courtesy of David Hobby (Dober Man)

Linear appraisal

2015 young stock +++ overall +

2016 VE++ 84

Show Wins

July 2015 - Reserve Grand Champion Jr doe, IDGA Open Show, ring 2, Matt Casselman, Judge

May 2016 - 1st place milking yearling in both rings (8 in both classes) at the Wabash Valley Classic under judges Yvonne Blosser & Kirk Schnipke

July 2016 - Grand Champion Sr doe, Farmer City Fair show, Juli Huffman, Judge

July 2016 - 1st place milking yearling in rings 2 (5 in class) and ring 3 (4 in class), IDGA Club show in Farmer City, IL, Judges Jay Bennett & Juli Huffman

Aug 2016 - 1st place milking yearling in both rings (3 in both classes) at the LOL NDGC in Jerseyville, IL, Judges Joe Kimmel & Cameron Jodlowski

May 2017 - 1st place milking 2 yr old in ring 2 (19 in class) at the Wabash Valley Classic in Cayuga, IN, Judge Todd Biddle

June 2017 - Reserve Grand Champion Sr doe ring 1, Illini Interstate Showdown, Bloomington, IL - Judge Yvonne Blosser

    DHIR Records

    2016 - DIM 261; Milk 853; BF 49 (5.7%); Protein 35 (4.1%) - ANDDA Sue Rucker JuJu Bronze production award

    Kidding History

    4/29/2016 - 2 does - bred to Flat Rock's Aragorn - registered offspring Hobbycroft A Twix and Hobbycroft A Almond Joy (sold)

    3/13/2017- 3 does and 1 buck - bred to Hobbycroft AP Face of Boe - Registered offspring WitchWind FB Laffy Taffy; WitchWind FB Apricot Candy (sold); WitchWind FB Peach Smoothie (sold); WitchWind FB Prasutagus


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